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Ye Loyal Krewe of Grace O'Malley Welcomes New Members

By Jason Bartolone (Patch Staff) - May 16, 2012 8:48 pm ET                                          


On Tuesday, May 15, Ye Loyal Krewe of Grace O'Malley held their May meeting where they welcomed their newest members.  Most of those thirty-eight new members are pictured above with the krewe's president, Karen Hogan, The O'Malley XX, and vice-president or O'Malley-elect, Anne Bartlett.

Ye Loyal Krewe of Grace O'Malley was established in 1992 and is celebrating their 20th Anniversary as Tampa's first all female krewe invited to participate in the annual Gasparilla parade. These newest members will become part of the fun, friendship and frivolity which is the driving motto of the krewe.



Gasparilla krewes: It's a pirate's life for she

By Cloe Cabrera | Tribune Staff

Published: January 26, 2012

Updated: March 19, 2013 at 12:31 PM


...Ye Loyal Krewe of Grace O'Malley was the first all-female krewe to make an appearance at Gasparilla in 1992. That was the year after Ye Mystic Krewe integrated and allowed minorities into their ranks and women krewes were allowed to participate in the parade. "Most women will tell you that being in an all-female krewe is an escape from everyday life," says Cusimano, who is serving on her second all-female krewe. "It's an escape from your kids and husband, and it lets you be who you want to be with, a group of women that share your same interests."

Gasparilla krewes offer time and talents to the community Staff

Published: January 12, 2012

Updated: March 19, 2013 at 11:07 AM


..." Ye Loyal Krewe of Grace O'Malley takes a different approach in choosing which charity to sponsor. "The most important requirement for each member invited into Ye Loyal Krewe of Grace O'Malley is they volunteer in some capacity in the Tampa Bay area," explains Kelly Floyd, president. In addition, we have a long-standing committee called the Angels of Grace Community Service Committee, which accepts nominations from our membership for an outstanding volunteer within our ranks." Each year, a new member is selected to win this award and she selects a new charity for our annual auction held in November.



Pirates invade school to improve technology

Courtney cairns Pastor The Tampa Tribune

Published: November 17, 2010

Updated: July 12, 2013 at 12:23 AM


FOREST HILLS - A gang of female pirates is helping Morning Star School offer scholarships and improve its technology. Ye Loyal Krewe of Grace O'Malley, a group of 250 women named for a 16th-century Irish pirate, selected Morning Star for its Angel of Grace award. The krewe has been raising money since the spring for the school, culminating in an auction on Tuesday at Zendah Grotto. Past events have raised about $10,000 for recipients.  +Read More

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